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At Twinkle Star we believe in developing your child as a whole to give them the best possible start in life.

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Here is what we offer!

Facilities for 1-5 year old Children

Twinkle Star is designed to cater for the needs of learners 1-5 year olds. Classrooms are set out into different areas:* Reading corner* Art corner* Building blocks* Science corner* Imaginative play area* Sleep area

Group capacity 10-20 Children

Twinkle Star divide children into groups according to their age. Each group has their own classroom, and one teachers group capacity is 10-20 children.

Individual Attention

Twinkle Star does not overcrowd classrooms therefore children get the individual attention they need.

Aftercare Facilities

Twinkle Star offers a aftercare facility for children where parents arrive home late from work, at a minimal cost.

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children attending twinkle star have

The best Possible Start

Better language


Stories, music, rhymes, discussion rings and conversations, books and stories helps to develop imagination and extend the child's experience of the world.

Better Math


Children's intellectual abilities should be purposely stimulated from as early as babyhood. Children should be encouraged to ask questions, to examine things, to visit new places, to read, to be creative, and to play thinking games like dominoes or draughts. Puzzles, building blocks and nature outings are also activities that will stimulate this aspect.

Better Social


Twinkle Star children develop the ability to get on well with their peers, other children and adults. They learn to work together in a group, to share, to take turns and to be considerate of other people.

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